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At first glance, the candid portraits resemble studio shots devoid of time and place. I reveal the spontaneity of the photographs slowly, through fragmented and off-centered compositions of banal details, inserted throughout the series. While moving through the Rallentando sequence, photos offer visual clues that become part of a bigger mosaic of my daily encounters.

I shoot instinctively and spontaneously. The focus of my frames is often a monotone-colored canvas that pedestrians fill by simply passing through. A stream of colorful impressions reflects the never-ending movement of the busy and crowded city. The muted tones and partially out-of-focus images challenge the boundaries between representation and abstraction by often, within a singular frame, suggesting anonymity and emotional disconnection. 

Some people brush by me, others keep their distance; sometimes I capture a gesture, sometimes just a flowing lock of hair but all are part of the fabric of the everyday life I love to observe. This series celebrates the brief and kaleidoscopic moments I encounter in the city streets of Manhattan.

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