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Pedestrians rush by, looking past me.
Some stare ahead, hurried, determined, others keep eyes down, locked on digital devices.
Faces and gestures move in and out of focus.
Fleeting moments.
Against a city backdrop of brick walls and construction barriers and advertisements,
this kaleidoscope of color, of people, of movements, blends into a vibrant medley,
a celebration of the urban experience.
Muted music pulses from headphones.
Split seconds.
Individuals walking in a hurried crowd.
On their way to somewhere.
Then, deep breath. Distance.

​Rallentando is about the perception and memory of the serendipitous encounters on the city street. In the closely cropped, off-center compositions, peripheral subjects vary in focus, often becoming hazy, blurred. Some movements are sensed more than others, some imprinted in our memories, others instantly forgotton. When sequenced, the fragments, the portraits—captured in different stages of clarity—reveal the fast-paced visual landscape of the city street, illustrating a split moment.​ 

Rallentando, in all its colors—reds, greens, yellows— invites the viewer into an urban symphony that celebrates the perseverance of everyday life.


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