I take a deep breath and move purposely. Rhythmic steps help settle my mind into a calm, almost meditative state. My senses sharpen, and the noise in my head retreats. With my finger on the trigger of my camera (permanently paired with its 35mm lens), I scan — light, people, details. Repeat. And again. I move as if pulled by invisible strings, roaming the streets with a sense of wonder.


I have anonymity—no one sees me, or if they do, they seldom care. Sometimes there is a split second in which we connect—my eyes, the lens, the other person. A nod, an attempt to hide or a middle finger—we take note of each other—it is temporary, but recorded. 

I pair the images by playing a game of Memory: finding in each image shapes, gestures, and symbols that rhyme. Connections are formed. The photographs are in a duologue—a play between two images creating meanings belonging to neither, a discovery that each viewer renders in his or her own mind.

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