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Ceaseless motion. Faces and gestures move in and out of focus. Fragmented scenes. The flow of hair or a quick glance. Fleeting moments. New York City’s backdrop of brick walls, construction barriers, and advertisements becomes a kaleidoscope of red, green, and yellow. Abstracted impressions. People rushing, looking past me, often engrossed in their digital devices. Split seconds. The profound significance of individuals walking alone in a hurried crowd. Imagined identities. Beauty overlooked in the disjointed nature of everyday urban life. Image overload. 

Then, deep breath. Distance.

At first glance, the candid portraits in Rallentando resemble studio shots devoid of time and place. But my spontaneous process reveals itself slowly through closely cropped, off-center compositions of banal details that offer visual clues of daily encounters. The images challenge the boundaries between representation and abstraction, suggesting anonymity and emotional disconnection. What do we remember of our daily encounters and what becomes an instant memory?

At the heart of my artistic philosophy lies a profound reverence for the perseverance of everyday life. Through the interplay of light, shadow, and color, I offer a poignant reminder of our shared humanity and the timeless quest for connection in an increasingly fragmented world.



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